Criminals playing the race card on cops

Recently, a very, very close individual whom I trust with my life reached out to share a story that I might “find interesting.” It had to do with a black couple, a black officer, and attempting to play the race card to get away with theft in NYC. So how do you think that went for the criminals? Read on to find out.

My friend told me that she was at a popular restaurant bar in Midtown, Cafe Nunez, having dinner and drinks. As is common with the young folks, they were having a few drinks, eating and having a grand old time. As is also the common occurrence while drinking, one of them eventually had to pee. So she stepped away and left her phone at the table with my friend.

A couple who was near them noticed this and then one of them followed her towards the bathroom. My friend could not identify when or how it happened, but the phone disappeared from the table during the shifting of bodies. As no one else was near them, they suspected that the couple who went to the bathroom took the phone.

Using a very intelligent, non-accusatory strategy, they asked, “Hi guys, is it possible that perhaps you grabbed our phone off the table by mistake? It’s a common item and an easy mistake to make, can you check please?” Mind you, they even gave them an out, an excuse to simply return the phone and walk away. But no, not these assholes, they immediately went into defensive mode and tried to flee the scene.

Here’s the kicker, my friends share their locations with each other in case anything happens to them, and guess where the missing phone was showing up? Exactly where that couple was standing at.

Fortunately, there was a police cruiser in the area, and they flagged the officers down. They then stopped the couple as they attempted to enter a taxi cab. The officer could not immediately search the couple due to privacy reasons, but after some speaking, I suppose they established probable cause and were able to search.

While all this was happening, the guy being accused of theft took out his phone and began a song and dance about being stopped because he’s black. “Hey everybody, I’m being detained because I’m black. This is racial profiling! I ain’t done nothing.” Really motherfucker? This situation has nothing to do with the fact that location tracking is following your exact position, and they now know 100% for sure that you have the phone? It’s because you are black? You stupid motherfucker, you should have just returned it while you had the chance! Now you are fucked bro.

So yeah, long story short, it turns out that this motherfucker and his girl attempted to steal the phone, and then attempted to exploit the hot topic of police and race. Mind you, the cop who was leading this investigation was black, and according to my friend, they handled everything extremely professionally. Kudos to the NYPD for that.

At the end of the day, the loser and his loser girlfriend were arrested, and they probably got extra charges because in addition to attempting to steal the phone, which I presume is a misdemeanor, he then decided that it was a good idea to kick and try to the damage the interior of the officer’s vehicle. Yeah, smart move there fella. Enjoy lockup you dumb fuck.

So what’s the point of all this? Well, trash like him really do us all in society a great disservice. We all know that there are real problems with the police, but when an actual criminal does something like this, it doesn’t help anyone, not the police, not civilians, and certainly not his stupid ass.

I’m glad that my friends got their phone back, I’m glad this trash was arrested, and I’m glad that no one, especially my friends and the officer’s doing there job were not hurt.

Yes, sometimes police stops are due to racism, but sometimes you are just a damn criminal.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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