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So over the past few weeks I’ve been covering products that I used ages ago. Over the years I’ve created dozens of blog post ideas that hadn’t materialized. This is one of the ones that fell between the cracks from my single days, but begs to be covered: Crown condoms.

If you read my review on Kimono condoms, you’ll see that I referred to those as my favorite condoms. However, I may have to adjust that stance because I had forgotten about Crown condoms.

People, the difference between these condoms and your standard durex, lifestyle or trojan condom is astronomical. When I wore those other types, I felt something, but often the barrier was so much that it really affected the level of pleasure that I felt. But when I wore these condoms, the difference in pleasure was so noticeable that it was crazy. It made my erections harder because I could feel more of the woman, feel her warmth and the shape of her vagina wrapped around my man tool.

If you have never tried crown condoms, do yourself a favor and pick some up. These may not be available in stores in NYC, so you may have to go online for them. Condom Depot is probably the best place to pick up these Japanese brand condoms. These are made by a company called Okamoto and in my opinion, they surpass even my all time favorite Kimono brand condoms!

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