Crying at Yoga

I’ve mentioned before how working out is a form of stress relief for me. Running has been one of my outlets for years, and now Yoga has joined the mix. One of the things I’ve noticed, is people crying at Yoga, myself included. Yoga is a different type of workout. It requires being still, holding a pose, being present inside your mind, and holding while being still and present.

Just as with running, there is something extremely therapeutic about a Yoga class. It can and has been challenging for me, leaving my muscles sore for days on end. However, there is something about stretching and pulling the muscles, holding a position, and simply stretching. There is a sense of the stress melting away from your body. Similar to when you get a massage, but with much more effort on your part.

Circumstances and the instructors play a major part on how we react or respond to the training. I’ve taken quite a few, and only one has had the ability to consistently bring me to tears by the end of the class. I don’t know exactly what does it, but it happens. I know once it was the music, it triggered something in me and the waterworks came forward. Other times it has been more personal things that cause it.

Yesterday, I took a Yoga class, and the instructor began reciting prayers at the end. To me, it sounded peaceful, and I laid back listening to them while in the “corpse pose.” I don’t know how to spell shavasanah, sorry. Anyway, unbeknownst to me, the prayers he was saying, were of particular interest to a friend of mine. These were the exact words that were said to them by their father, and the person was moved to tears. They told me that they felt as though it was their dad who was saying it, and the waterworks came forth. I held them close for a moment, and offered my moist sweaty shoulder and a warm embrace.

We spoke about it, and came to the conclusion that this was something more. Yesterday was father’s day, this instructor never says any prayers, and on this day, of all days? When this person is thinking about their dad, he does that prayer? I mean, sure, there are coincidences in life, but sometimes things are too weird to simply be coincidence, no? We believe that their dad was sharing a moment with them, through the class. After some tears, my friend felt better, and they carried on with their day. But I asked permission to share this story with you folks.

Fitness is great for the body, we know this. But never doubt the effect that it can have on your mind, heart, and soul. I love you, my friend.

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