My Current Training Regiment

Someone asked me how often I train and what I do. This is my current workout regiment. Bare in mind, it varies depending on my responsibilities on any given day. However, in general, this is what it looks like.

Please also be aware that I built up to this over time. I didn’t “start training,” and go this way. This has been a progression. I’ve worked with personal trainers, where I only trained 3 days a week. I worked alone where my split was more focused on lifting weights with only the elliptical as cardio. And on and on it goes. This is my current regiment, and if you ask me in 1 month, I may have migrated to a different regiment.

Finally, I’m not sharing this asking for your advice. This isn’t a share looking to be critiqued or attacked about how or what I’m not doing right. I’m sharing this for the benefit of those who have asked me what I’m doing at the moment. If you have constructive feedback, I totally welcome it. If you want to insult me, then I’m going to ignore you, but feel free to engage and drive traffic to my site. I appreciate all the views you bring me.

Currently, I’m on a 6 day training regiment, with a heavier focus on cardiovascular endurance. I have what are called “strength classes,” but those are weight lifting classes in a structured environment designed to target the whole body, and provide muscular endurance. This is not a size or power regiment. I’ll describe the workouts briefly for your better understanding.

Insanity: Focuses on different elements of fitness, including speed, strength, agility and endurance. The class is broken down into different segments focusing on those elements. This is interval training on steroids. You will perform a series of challenging moves, consecutively, then you get a momentary rest to recover. Repeat this several times, then conclude with a power move. This is by far the most challenging class of the week, and it happens to be the first one of the week. Totally sets the tone for the whole week. Makes sense no? Beat the hell out of your body on the first day, so that the rest of the week you are pushing harder to complete what I consider slightly less challenging classes.

HIIT: For all intents and purposes, HIIT is also an interval class, but generally tied to another format. Most that I have taken are attached to kickboxing, and boot camp type movements. There will be periods of intense movements, followed by periods of lighter movements. Instructors involve the elements of kickboxing, while adding burpees, jumping jacks, plyo, and other full body movements to give you a brutal slow and go, mostly go workout. This is the class I have already started teaching, and I base it around kickboxing.

Zumba: Zumba is a fun dance class. Primarily based around latin, soca, and sometimes hip hop movements. This class is not as intense as some of the others, but depending upon the instructor, it can also kick your butt. I generally do this class after having been slammed in earlier classes, this makes it slightly more challenging for me. If I only do Zumba, then I am not that challenged, although, depending on your own level of fitness, this may be a tough class. So don’t take my word for it being easy.

Strength: Strength classes are built around weight lifting. However, as you do many, many repetitions of movements, you have to use lighter weights. In addition to the weights, we incorporate calisthenics and other full body resistance movements.

Pilates: This is a core strengthening type of workout. Similar to yoga, but not exactly. However, some of the movements are very similar. The first time I did this, I found it extremely challenging. My limited flexibility, as well as my core strength were weaknesses. I struggled a lot the first few sessions. Now, though my flexibility is still an issue, and some of my injuries make things difficult for me, I have improved greatly. This class really works your abs and core overall. We do mostly mat work on this one.

Having explained all that to you, I’ll list my workout routine below for you.

630pm – Insanity
730pm – HIIT (Solo Practice)

600am – HIIT (Teaching)
730pm – HIIT

600pm – Zumba (On occasion I’ll go to another gym for this one and skip Kickboxing. Usually when I’m injured and need a break from the more challenging kickboxing. Then I’ll commute and take the second zumba at the other location.)

630pm – Kickboxing
730pm – Zumba

600am – HIIT (Teaching)
630pm – Intermediate\Advanced Step
730pm – HIIT (Solo Practice)

530pm – 5 mile run (On occasion prior to strength. Not regularly done. Especially in this heat now.)
6:30pm – Zumba (On occasion I’ll go to another gym for this one. This is rare though, but somedays I need more of a Zumba fix.)

630pm – Strength
730pm – Pilates

930am – HIIT
1015am – Strength
1100am – Zumba
1200pm – HIIT (Solo Practice)

Forced Rest day.

Sometimes I’ll take the step and body pump classes in the morning, but that is extremely rare. On occasions I’ll do the yoga class, this was more common, but our teacher is out for the rest of the year, so not likely to happen until next year. Some days if I’m feeling exceptionally strong, I’ll practice my HIIT or go for a run. This is also rare though, lately I have been really focusing on taking AT LEAST, AT LEAST, one day off during the week to let my body rest and heal.

As time passes, and I pick up more teaching opportunities, I may have to cut back on some training. I recently started those 600a.m classes, and that’s kind of brutal. I’m sure that this will begin to take a toll on me sooner than later. However, until further notice, you now have my current training regiment.

Angel Rodriguez

Please take note of the date on a post. Over the years my views have evolved. I'm constantly learning and growing.
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