Dealing with child molesters in your family

Today a friend of mine shared the meme you see above. This sparked a discussion and within the comments many people confirmed this statement as true. I asked a question as to the context of the statement and here is a brief dialogue we had on it.

My initial reaction was “What the fuck?” Then after reading this response, I remember having encountered the same exact thing in a Latino home. I never knew of any actual behavior or whatnot, but we all had that relative the older folks didn’t trust. They’d never allow the children to be alone with them, and they would always want the kids to get cover up.

I remember decades ago, when I lived at Walton Avenue in the Bronx, a relative came to spend a few days at our home. I wanted to watch a Godzilla movie but my mom and sister were going out. I told my mom that I could stay at home with my relative, but she said “No, you will not. You will come with me, you can’t be alone with him.”

In hindsight, the logic is obvious, but I don’t know exactly why she wouldn’t allow it? I know that this man had a drug problem, but I don’t know if he was also known to be a pedophile or child molester. It’s just the way it was for us. Even now, I never left my son alone with anyone, and I never trust adults or older kids with children.

I preferred to take a preventive approach to any problems. Since a young age I told my son about the dangers of pedophiles. I also made sure that anyone who encountered my kid knew that I had guns, and I also let them think I was a little crazy. This was all part of a strategy to put some fear and doubt in their head. If you are going to rape a kid, you’ll probably stay away from the one who’s dad is a psychopath with several firearms.

Of course, anyone who actually knows me, knows I’m not crazy. But you know, it doesn’t hurt to have people think that. Even now as you read this, you don’t know if I’m being truthful or if I’m writing this just to cover my ass legally do you? But you do know that I own legal firearms, and that knowledge combined with the doubt around my sanity should be enough to deter most thinking human beings from fucking around with mine.

In any case, I thought this was interesting. I hate pedophiles, and I lost a good friend because I told her to keep her daughters from sitting a certain way with some of their family friends. I don’t care how much you trust him, those little ladies need to act accordingly. You never know what a person has within their soul, and I guess I offended her. Meh, fuck it. Hopefully I’m wrong and nothing ever happens to the little ladies.

So, do you agree that this meme applies to black or latino families? Its not just us, we know that the catholic church is notorious around this, and me thinks it also applies to white people ! I mean, remember the Duggars?

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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