Deblasio aide arrested on gun charges

In life we all make mistakes, this is par for the course. But sometimes, those mistakes are really big and come with heavy prison sentences. In NYC, gun charges is one of the mistakes that can get you locked up for a long while.

Deblasio, like many in NYC is heavily anti gun. So you know when one of his aides is caught up in a gun charge, the media, the right, and many of us law abiding citizens are gonna call out the irony of that happening.

Reagan Stevens from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, and 2 young men were arrested for illegal weapons possession. This gun was fully operable, loaded, had the serial numbers shaved off, and was apparently fired!

Based on my serving jury duty recently on this type of charge, I know that simply being in the presence of a loaded gun that is operable can put you in a world of shit. These guys appear to have actually fired it! None of them has claimed ownership of the gun, so it’s the same scenario. Trying to prove who owned the gun, whether or not she had “knowledge” or “possession” of the gun and so on.

First of all, Stevens had to know who she was hanging out with. Especially based on her career field, oh and her mom is a judge, and her dad a supreme court justice. Yup. So yeah… Well at least one of those dudes had a very long rap sheet, and I can’t imagine she didn’t know. Also, I find if really hard to believe that the gun was fired from this vehicle and she could claim she didn’t know it was there.

On paper, based on the evidence I have thus far, things are not looking very good for any of these people. I just don’t see how this goes well. Interestingly enough, she’s been released for now, the others had bail set. I didn’t see anything about her posting bail. I wonder if her parents and Deblasio’s influence will be used to favor her in this case?

Remember when a “Mayors against guns” ally used a gun to try and get sex from another man? I find it rather interesting when these anti gun people get caught up in anything related to guns. Isn’t it ironic?

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