Debut of “Drowning” Official Video

People always complain that real music is a thing of the past. Many folks often say that rap and hip hop music are garbage. Well, we come to challenge that notion today. Perhaps a lot of the hip hop that you will hear nowadays IS garbage, but there are real poets out here that are trying to make it. If you, the public support these real artists, then perhaps we can create a paradigm shift.

With that, I will say that I try to stay away from self promotion on this site, at least when it comes to content, because I am totally all over those side bars! However, when an artist I like releases a new music video or song, I generally promote their work, so why wouldn’t I share my own?

Drowning is about overcoming life’s struggles and our quests for survival. Though the world may appear to be against you, if you try, you can persevere.

This was filmed in my native hometown of the Bronx. I’m rocking the “Cultivo” shirt by my homeboys at La Verdad Gear! “Cultivo una rosa blanca.”

This song is written by Angel Rodriguez and features the amazing hip hop artist Charlie Scott. In the beginning and the end of the song, you will hear from motivational speaker Earl Nightingale, I am a huge fan of his and thought I’d pay homage.

The song was recorded at King Sage Music Studios, and the video was filmed with Red Sydney Productions. The music track was purchased from the amazing folks at Sinima beats.

Singer Nellivee makes an appearance in this as our Angel and Demon. She’s lovely in her roles. When shooting this music video with my lil sister Nellyvee, we got a bad case of the giggles. Charlie Scott and Jaison Blackrose were all serious, and we were giggling like little girls. If you watch towards the end, you’ll see when I take my sister’s hand, she starts to smile. Hahah. We look all cool in the video, but in reality, at least speaking for myself, I am such a goofball. Check out the end result, but keep in mind, there is a little girl giggling somewhere in there. Hahaha..

I’m a Bronx bred, Nuyorican Storyteller.

Unlike the “music” that you hear today, you will find real poetry here!

I started as a poet and my work slowly evolved into music. I bring you a rare form of hip hop. I stay true to its original form and give you storytelling at its finest, and I always keep it real.

I am one of the most passionate performers you’ll ever see or hear! I do this without all the cursing and ignorance that some artists feel is necessary in the expression of this art form.

I give you my soul!

Yours truly,

Angel Jose Rodriguez, aka ARodomus

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