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Del Posto


All I say about this place is: WOW!

We came here for a company lunch. As some of you may know, I am allergic to gluten, therefore the concept of an Italian restaurant with a gluten free menu? Psst, unheard of! I hadn’t found one yet, but this place actually has gluten free items! Wow!

Initially, we were going with the prix fixe 3 course lunch. However, as my boss had been here before, she inquired if they still offered the 7 course menu. They said that they still do and we went that option instead.

We started off with a shot of pea soup, fried cheese & daikon.  The aroma of the cheese was so inviting. Yum….

A bread basket was the next item. We got an extra basket for my boss & I as we both opted for the gluten free option.  This was the best gluten free bread I have ever had. It’s so soft and they use rosemary with salt for flavoring. I can eat ten of these all by myself. Of course, you can’t miss out on the truffle, sweet butter and virgin oil that comes with the bread.

nyctalking del posto bread

The salad with truffled dressing was heavenly, as was the lobster salad. These salads were just amazing.

Let’s talk about the Chestnut Ravioli with Black Truffle Butter. Truthfully, I cannot believe this is gluten free. You can actually taste the chestnut paste inside of the ravioli. It is so very flavorful.

We also had the Orecchiette Spicy Lamb Neck Sausage, Orange Carrots & Toasted Rye, again, I can’t believe this is all gluten free! The sausage, just like the ravioli, and pretty much everything we had, was very flavorful!

nyctalking del posto slow cooked chicken

I love pollo, so I tried the slow cooked Chicken. All I’ll say about this is that I simply don’t know how they made this chicken so tender.

nyctalking del posto sweets

To close things out we had the mixed dessert. I tried a gluten free chocolate lava cake and Gelato with fruits. All fresh and delicious.

The aroma and smells of all the food at this restaurant were just so amazing.

The service here is second to none, they also have a live piano player providing some nice background music. All the waiters were extremely nice and pleasant.

My overall experience at Del Posto was just amazing, and I highly recommend you visit this place. Do note, that as they say in life, you get what you pay for, so expect to shell out some hard earned cash at this restaurant.

Editor’s note: This restaurant has Mario Batali, and Joe Bastianich as part of their team. This probably explains why Chris had such a great experience. These guys have a reputation to uphold. Though in the past Batali let us down at Otto, it looks like they hit a home-run here.

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