Democrats and the slave plantation metaphor

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine and one of the points that came up is how some Republicans, particularly white Republicans love to use terms like “Leave the slave plantation of the Democratic party.” They are implying that Democrats are misleading us and keep us “enslaved” metaphorically speaking.

What these allegedly “well meaning” Republicans fail to understand is that slavery is a very sensitive topic for many people in the U.S, particularly African Americans. By a white person simply bringing slavery up, or accusing a black person of being on a plantation, they have already caused said person to shut down to any further dialogue. Black people don’t want to hear that shit coming out of your mouth, and you have to be one ignorant motherfucker to think that you are going to “get through” to any person of color with that bullshit dialogue.

Understand, that I feel the same when someone says, “all white people are evil,” or that “all cops are bad” or believe it or not “All Trump supporters are racists.” Once a person expresses that sentiment, then you know that they have a biased view and are not willing to grow or compromise. They have their minds made up and there’s very little that you and I can do to change that.

What’s the point? Well, if you are a white person, and you think that you are going to convince or otherwise win over people of color by telling them that they are on any type of plantation, might I suggest that you stop that. It’s not going to change their minds, it’s only going to force them to shut down and disregard your opinion, and in some instances, you might catch those hands!

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