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Stop the deportation of U.S Veterans.

Here at NYCTalking we try to run a site based on facts and fairness. We do not base our opinions on the color of your skin, your political affiliations, religious beliefs, etc. We try to base things on facts, on what’s right and wrong.

This brings me to the topic at hand. How can any government in good conscience, allow a man or woman to wear the uniform that represents this great nation, risk their lives for this great nation, and then upon completion of their service turn around and say “Oh wait, you are here illegally, thank you, but we are going to deport you”.

Writing this, I am ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted that I am governed by people taking such horrendous action against men and women that fought alongside me, that have risked it all for this great country. How can that be?

I read a post today stating that these “illegals” lie to enter service, that they trick the government and take the job, and not only should these “illegals” be deported, but they should do jail time first. Really? Are  you going to tell me that these recruiters, with all the checks one goes through to enter the military, that they don’t know these guys are not documented Americans? Really? Give me a freaking break!

Some of the shadiest people I have ever met are military recruiters, so please, please, PLEASE do not insult my intelligence and try to sell me that bullsh*t story. They know. If they sign up Juan Valdez, and he’s not legally entitled to be here, I guarantee they know. Yet they will turn a blind eye, why? Because we need bodies, they have quotas, we need grunts, and it benefits us and the recruiter. So these men and women then risk their lives, and in some cases die fighting for a country that would simply deport them upon their return. That is so wrong on so many levels, absolutely and terribly wrong.

I have very strong views on immigration, and I’m all for the following of laws and deporting people that enter this country illegally. I didn’t approve of Obama taking the steps he did with the dream act, I felt that he is going above his authority by bypassing congress, and he’s also delaying immigrants that have been waiting for years to enter the country through the proper channels. I approve of the dream act in some cases, and I think it should pass, however Obama should follow the rules and do things the right way. That’s a different article altogether though. That case and this case are 2 completely different scenarios.

Here is the bottom line as far as this writer is concerned, if they are good enough to wear the uniform, and they are good enough to die defending OUR freedoms, then by God they are good enough to receive at least, at least a freaking green card! In my opinion, they earned the right to stay in this country, in fact they have done more for the country than many American citizens that have never touched a military uniform. Period, end of story.

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8 years ago

RT : Deportation of U.S Veterans.

Mary Jo Ognibene
8 years ago

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