Diana From Yelp Vs The Bodega Cat

Diana seemed to be a fan of SK until she saw that they had a cat, then she took issue with them. She even dared mention health codes and crap like that! Say what? The hell is wrong with this woman? You know that chopped cheese that you think you discovered, the one without any rat crap in it? You know why there was no rat crap in it? Cause of felix el gato!


This lady, rightfully so, has since removed the review. I think that a lot of people had words for her, and many more people showed up to give the store positive reviews.

In a time where gentrification is a major issue for latinos and african americans, we ain’t hearing none of this nonsense about issues with the bodega cat! First you want to rename our streets, you complain about our loud music, you call our shops unsightly, you displace our families, and now you have the audacity to mess with felix el gato? No me jodas coño!

bodega cat

Growing up Bronx, the cat was a permanent fixture in the bodega. It was so common that my mom would say, “No te comas la punta del pan porque el gato la lambe.” Basically, we were told to cut off the tip from the bread cause the cat could lick it. Commonplace y’all!


But, Diana is allergic, and has a problem with a cat being there at all. Boo freaking hoo! Look, is it sanitary? Probably not, but you better not mess with the legacy of felix el gatos! The community has spoken, and I hope anyone who plans to mess with the bodega cat going forward, will think twice!


This comment here, really captures the heart of the matter!

Shout out to Sebastian for catching this, and Kitty Bradshaw for this gem of a comment she circled for us!


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