Factor Meals Scam: Did you get a bunch of random phone calls and texts?

So I recently made a huge mistake. I signed up for mailing list on Instagram. The company in question is called Factor_ Meals. They popped up on my feed and I thought that I lost nothing by giving them my contact information. I must have been half asleep because I’d never put my personal cell phone number on a form like that, I’d generally put my google voice number, or none. But I slipped up and Factor Meals made sure I paid the price for that mistake.

Within moments of putting my phone number into their system, my cell phone began ringing over and over from spam calls. In addition to that, I started to get a bunch of text messages saying “Thanks for opting in.” Uhm, no, I didn’t opt into a damn thing. I gave my phone number to whom I thought was a reputable vendor and company, and I didn’t opt in for anything else.

For days and days since I have been getting calls and text messages. I turned off and silenced any calls that are not in my contact list in order to mitigate the unrelenting level of spam calls that I have been receiving. Factor Meals not only lost a potential customer, but they betrayed the privacy of a potential client. If they’ve done it to me, they’ve probably done it to you. I was just fortunate enough to make the connection. I also confirmed it as you will see shortly.

I want everyone to know, whether or not this company makes good meal preps, that they cannot be trusted to safeguard your private information. Unlike other companies who try and protect your personal data, Factor Meals willingly hands it over to the spammers.

“Hello, we are calling from IRS relief. Do you owe any money to the IRS? We can help eliminate or lower your payments. So, are you interested?”

If you are wondering how I know it was them, besides the impeccable timing of when I put my number and when the calls began, I actually asked one of the callers if Factor Meals provided my number. They said yes and stated, “You have to be careful where you enter your cell phone cause some of them share it with us.”

Yeah, it was them. In any case, instead of relying on the quality of their product, which may or may not be good, they rely on scams like this to make a few bucks. Watch out for Factor_ Meals and their shady business practices. It’s really not worth the hassle. I’ve missed important phone calls because of them. Some were even medical in nature and now my appointments have been delayed. All because these guys did this.

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