Diet Tips For Midnight Cravings

Howdy folks, AngelRtalk here with some quick Diet Tips For Midnight Cravings!

It’s 4am, and you just woke up, your stomach is rumbling, you are hungry! What to do? You walk into your kitchen, maybe have a drink of water and see how you feel. Sometimes we confuse thirst for hunger, common thing by the way.

Nope, you drank water and you are still hungry! Okay, did I mention that it is 4am? This is where your preparation and planning ahead will work wonders!

What’s in your fridge or pantry? This is key towards your long term goals when it comes to fitness. For instance, if your fridge looks like this, then guess what you are going to eat? I can’t blame you, it’s 4am, and you want to go back to sleep!

junk food

It is human nature, and heavily pushed by our culture and powerful industries that we eat this way. They don’t want us to choose healthier foods! They want you to choose convenience, quick, easy, and they make it cheaper to make you more likely to go for it!

See, it’s not your fault, you are a product of your environment. However, like many products of the environment, you have a choice. Perhaps, instead of that garbage, you get some nuts, some dried cranberries or even have some boiled eggs on the ready?

This is exactly what happened to me, and I went in on my peanut stash! I always have peanuts in the house. Peanuts are loaded with healthy fats, and protein, and though they are small, they pack a lot of calories and actually can fill you up! I prefer to get them roasted, with no salt, and with the shell. This slows down my consumption, and makes me work a little harder to eat them. It’s all psychological strategy to prevent me from binging!

Some foods that I recommend keeping around for 4am consumption would be cashews, dried cranberries, pistachios, peanuts, almonds, and though not the best choice, rice cakes are a low calorie alternative that can satisfy a quick craving.


You can possibly have some egg whites pre-made, some tuna on the ready, or even some other form of protein ready for eating. The key here is to keep it simple, and readily accessible. The easier you make it for yourself, the more likely you are to succeed.

Some folks will argue that you should not eat this late, and hey, that’s all on you and your specific goals. My goals are long term success, and in order to achieve that, I have to be smart about how I do this. I learned long ago that depriving yourself of food is the biggest mistake you could make, it will almost always lead to a binge episode.

Basically, try to stay away from the sugary junk food, and unless you have some medical condition, try to avoid heavy carbs during this meal. I prefer to stuff myself with some healthy fats and proteins. The hope is that I decrease the odds of it being stored as body fat!

What is your favorite late night healthy snack? Sound off in the comments, or join us on facebook, twitter, or whatever your favorite platform is!

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Cindy Hoffman

Hi there Angel, those are some nice tips there. Most of us have that cravings when you are going to get that quencher glass of water. I usually have some peanuts around and in some way I find it to suppress my anger. Thanks a lot for sharing, will try some of those other suppressants.



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