Just ask for directions! New Yorkers are not mean!

Look, despite our reputation, New Yorkers are actually very nice and helpful people. I hate that people think we are mean, it makes me so angry and violent, arghh! Get it? See what I did there? Hehehe. I have written about this topic before in past articles, however I guess it is worth mentioning it again for the benefit of those lost in nyc, tourists and locals alike. Listen friends, if you are lost, you can ask for help, don’t be afraid of us!

This morning I saw this lady that was lost and clearly needed directions, I looked at her and I smiled offering help with my body language and energy. We made brief eye contact and I moved towards her, she turned away and continued looking around. I would have taken a few moments to guide her, but she avoided my help. So then what? Stay lost b*tch! Lol. Just kidding. Sort of.

Maybe it’s just me, I am a terribly frightening man and I get that, but there is no need to be lost in this city. If someone makes eye contact and smiles, they are most likely being friendly and are willing to help you. On the other hand they could actually be a psycho killer! So yeah, you know, life is all about taking chances right?

Here’s to avoiding the psycho and meeting the nice person.

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