Racist Woman Screams Rape

There was a time, when a white woman screaming “rape” was all it took for a black man to be hung to death by his neck. This disgusting racist woman screams rape as this young black man approaches her. I guess in her mind, we are still in an era where that madness would work. Well, sorry you crazy freak, he has a camera. There will be no public lynchings today! But, that didn’t stop her from trying though, and try she did. Watch the video!

According to the man in the video, the woman is spying on his family as they are grilling some food during a cookout. Naturally, none of us wants some freak spying on our family with binoculars, so he came over to ask her what that was all about?

That’s when this disgusting beast of a human starts screaming: “Rape, help, I’m being raped.” She asks him, “Why are you approaching me?” Well, you nasty beast, he’s approaching you because you are spying on him and his family. By the way, his mom lives in this complex, and he’s visiting her. “You’ve been there all afternoon,” she says. Well, what concern is that of yours, you freak?

When he asks her why she would scream rape, she says, “I could see it in your face, you were coming to rape me.” Seriously? This man, who is there with his family, is coming over to rape you? Seriously? Give me a break, you are bat crap crazy. That’s the real truth, and racist to boot. You are the type of person who would get young men killed in the old days. Bat. Crap. Crazy.

I’m glad he filmed this, it’s important that we see how some people would happily send you to a 6 foot hole, or get you locked up, simply because they are racist trash. Frankly, I think for simply lying about rape, she should be charged with some sort of crime. Doesn’t she realize how this lie could ruin his life?

If we didn’t have cameras, she, or some George Zimmerman type could have shot him dead, then say, “He was raping her.” Then we’d all begin this debate about how it’s not true, while others will say it is true. The racists would support her and the shooter, saying she had the right to stand her ground. While the non racists would say he was killed for being black. But at the end of the day, he’s dead, she’s not, and it was all over a lie.

I mean, do people not think about the ramifications of their actions? Think about it? She screamed rape, and the only reason this man didn’t have to run and hide in the woods is because he had the phone recording. Think about the evil intent that she must have in her soul.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Shouldn’t she be charged with a crime? By the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a woman say something like this. I’ve seen other videos where a white woman says about a black man, “He just raped my daughter!” When it was clearly a lie. In my eyes, crying rape, when it’s not true, should be punished as a crime. It hurts the true victims of rape, and it hurts innocent people accused of rape.

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