Disrespecting Women


Disrespecting Women

Some months ago, a woman put up a video of herself walking throughout New York City, and the many times she was hit on. Later on, a man did the same thing, and encountered similar results.

Needless to say, if you walk around in this city, and people find you attractive, they will say something. There are all sorts of viewpoints on this topic, and we can argue this til kingdom come and still not arrive at an agreement.

That’s relevant, but not the topic at hand. I want to discuss the blatant disrespect of women. Someone who shall remain unnamed put up a Facebook post expressing her discontent with a specific person who made a statement along the lines of:

You have fat legs, that means you must have a fat p*ssy.

Barring the stupidity, and lack of anatomical knowledge and reasoning that this individual may possess or severely lack, let us discuss the appropriateness of this statement. Can any of you provide me with a scenario where it is acceptable for a man to speak in this fashion towards a woman?

I cannot think of a single scenario where this is ok. What goes through the mind of a man that thinks this is acceptable? I mean, seriously? What kind of thought process is happening in there?

This individual tried to blame it on his Latino culture. Really? Way to go pal, make the case for Donald Trump, and Ann Coulter calling our people rapists. Thank you very much. However, this person does not speak for Latinos. He speaks solely for himself. As a Latino man, I do not accept the burden of your stupidity.

Next attempt? He went the Jamie Foxx route and tried to “blame it on the a-a-a-a-lcohol. Yet another failure. We all get drunk, and we all do and say stupid crap. However, at the end of the day, you own it.

The woman in question took a brave stand and shared his name, and the details of the conversation. I applaud her for doing so. This type of behavior is not acceptable, and should not be tolerated in silence.

If you witness, or are a victim to this type of abuse, speak out. Don’t be afraid of being shunned by any community. Rest assured that the majority of us will back you, and not the perpetrator of such nasty behavior.

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Angel Rodriguez

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