Why I ditched my Flo Bindings

Let’s quickly chat about why I ditched my flo bindings. First and foremost, I am not flexible and I have duck feet. As such I had a very hard time putting on traditional bindings. I can barely reach them, and because of the angle of my duck feet, I struggled looking them into place. When I saw this new technology on the flo bindings, I fell in love! All you have to do is stick you foot in, and pull the back up? Nice!

In terms of practicality, these were great and I found them very comfortable. The reason I got rid of them was because I felt that I didn’t have very good control and directional transfer on my board. I think when I was going down on my toes, I was okay, but when it came time to heal, I had about 50% less control of the snowboard than usual. So I ended up getting rid of them and going back to my standard strap on bindings. Difficulties and all. At least with those I can actually control the board.

One thing I should note is that I have soft boots, and I always wondered if I got firmer boots, if that would make a difference in terms of my control of the board. However, at this point, I don’t really care. This past Wednesday was the first time I went riding in 6 years or so, and I didn’t ride all that much. So for the time being, what I have is what I’ll keep. I don’t go boarding enough to justify any further expenses.

So are you a snowboarder, and if so what gear do you love?

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