DMX Having 13th Child

Quick question for the logical among us, WHY IS DMX STILL REPRODUCING? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of X’s music, and I think that he is entertaining. However, though probably better than mine, his finances are a hot mess, and his personal life is a hot mess. He is not one who is well suited to having a child, let alone a 13th child!

Bro, X, my man, what are you doing? What’s the deal here? You got songs that talk about how you have kids, and hate the baby momma after the passion is gone, yet you keep on doing it? Dude!

My advice to this brother, stop the drugs (not sure if he’s clean or not) stay out of jail, stop driving without a license, use condoms, and take care of your kids.

I don’t know what his relationship is with his existing 12 children, the only thing I saw was the disasterous television display on that Oprah channel. But I can’t imagine that you have time to take care of 12 kids, from different women, plus raise a 13th functional member of society.

X needs some chill in him. And these women who keep on falling for the glamour, they also need some chill in their lives too. Don’t they know how this movie ends? SMH.

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