Do you call your in-laws mom and dad?

There’s something I’ve noticed our brother in law do quite often, and he does it very comfortably. He addresses my wife’s parents as mom and dad. I observe this and while I can appreciate it and I think it’s nice, its not something that I could ever do in my life. Mind you, this has nothing to do with them, my in-laws are amazing people and we get along splendidly. So don’t misread my message here.

In my life, the only person that I’d ever call mom is my birth mother, the only person I’d call dad, is my birth father. I have one woman in my life who I gave the honor of referring to her as my “second mom,” but that’s it, I never actually called her “mom.” Everyone else is a friend, family and in some cases honorary aunts. But the thought of calling someone who didn’t raise me, sacrifice for me, or put in all of the work my mother did is sacrilegious. If you grew up with me, you’d understand how important that title of mom is. My father did his part, but the title dad isn’t as significant TO ME as the title of mom. There is and will only ever be one mom to me.

So while I admire and respect that this man does that, as it stands today, I don’t think I could ever do that with anyone other than my mother. Those are some mighty big shoes to try and fill. Unless you struggled day in and day out to pull me from the hell fires known as the ghetto, unless you picked sunflower seeds out of my butt hole, unless you gave your all to make me who I am today, no other human being could ever earn that title of “mom” for me.

I’ll repeat this once more for any hard headed people out there who may try and twist my words. This has nothing to do with my current in-laws, my past in-laws, or any in-laws that may ever cross my path. This has absolutely nothing to do with them, who they are, how they are or how I feel about them. It has everything to do with my parents, who they are, what they did for me, and how they made me who I am. Mom, Dad, those are just very unique roles, unique roles that only they can have.

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