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Do you hate your own race?

This is a question that I have been asked on more than one occasion. Usually as a result of sharing some “unexpected” political view.

Here are a few things you should know about me to better understand my views:

1) I am not a democrat. (Liberal)

2) I am not a republican. (Conservative)

3) I am middle ground when it comes to politics. Liberal in some items, Conservative in others. For instance:

3A) I believe that gays should be allowed a form of civil union. The union doesn’t necessarily have to be traditional marriage as we know it because that sort of belongs to religion in its current form. I do not believe that any priest should be forced to marry a gay couple if the priest feels it violates their religious beliefs.

3B) I believe if an undocumented individual serves this country honorably in the armed forces, they should be given a green card and legal status. I also believe a person that came here at a young age and has become a productive member of society should be entitled to some form of legal status. I do not feel that all people that entered this country illegally should be given a green card simply because they are here, and I do not believe in open borders for everyone and anyone. This is a tough topic for me, because I have many friends that could be affected by it. I feel this whole amnesty process hurts the people that are already in line to enter the country and that followed the rules, so I have mixed feelings about it.

3C) I believe that a woman should have the right to choose whether or not to have a baby, regardless of how they conceived.

3D) In NYC, with things the way they are, I support “stop and frisk”. Inconvenience some people, save lives, fair trade in my opinion.

3E) I support the 2nd amendment.

4) Being Latino, black or any other “minority” doesn’t automatically mean I’ll be siding with you in politics or debates. I’m about right and wrong, the color of your skin or sharing my homeland doesn’t make you right or wrong.

I do not hate my people, with my limited view of the world I call things as I see/have seen them. I am open to debate and I welcome challenge. If you can correct a viewpoint when I may be wrong, I am willing to accept that. Nothing that I write is set in stone and I’m always willing to listen.

This being said, I hope you have a better view of my thought process, and I hope you continue to enjoy my writing and social media updates.

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Mary Jo Ognibene
8 years ago

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Anthony Ferraro
8 years ago

Anthony Ferraro liked this on Facebook.

8 years ago

Not that you need to hear me say it. But keep sharing. Good stuff …

8 years ago

Hey, good article.


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