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Do you know about condom sizes?

I’ve always used “regular” sized condoms. My penis is not tiny, but it’s not what one could consider a huge penis. Meh, not sure who down the line screwed me on that, but I’m fortunate to have at a minimum an average size man tool. As much as us men will always feel penis envy towards men that are hung like horses, if you don’t have a 2 inch micropenis, you are doing alright. I mean, if you have a micropenis, it sucks, but there are ways to make that work too fellas, I’m not trying to knock y’all.

In any case, I was talking to my homeboy, and he was telling me that he was in pain when using regular condoms, but when he bought the magnum XL, he said they were too big. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to find a condom and then be screwed in the sex department. However, he said that he found that there was a size in between regular and porn star size: “Large.”

I figured that as he didn’t know about this, and I don’t think I did either, perhaps many men don’t know about this. So, yeah, apparently you can get small, regular, large, and extra large condoms. In fact, I think I’ve even seen XXL in some pharmacies! But ladies, if he has one of those, just run! Haha.

Anyway, yeah, that’s all I wanted to share on this topic. If regular is too small, and XL is too big, perhaps you belong in the large section! Happy safe sexing!

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