Do you want cheese on your burger?

I was buying a burger at Burger King. Yes, I know, I’m a fitness instructor and I should lead by example. However, before you crap on me for my moment of weakness, know that I have been walking by this Burger since 2016 and have not once set foot inside. Not once. We are now in 2023, and I decided to indulge because I was going in for surgery, and you can always die during surgery. So I treated myself.

Anyway, when I was ordering, there was a spanish young man, and he asked me if I wanted “chess” with my burger. I didn’t understand what he was saying, but I didn’t want to appear rude. So I hesitated, and he asked me again, “Do you want some chess with your burger?” I was really confused at this point and I said, “I’m sorry man, I don’t understand what you mean.”

So he pointed at a burger and it said “cheese.” I then hurriedly replied yes, please I’ll have some cheese on it. I’m Latino, and I have many friends who have heavy accents, but I’ve never heard cheese pronounced as “chess” before, so I was genuinely confused at his question. He pronounced the word chess, and I just couldn’t connect chess to cheese. I was literally thinking about the game chess and that just had me confused.

As I waited for my order, I nodded at the young man and gently smiled. I genuinely didn’t get what he was saying at that moment. I was quite embarrassed that I didn’t make the connection to cheese and I truly hope that he didn’t think I was just being a jerk.

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