Does Freedom of speech mean absence of sense

Pamela Geller was recently involved in a draw the Prophet of Islam contest. Her viewpoint is that she is exercising her freedom of speech, which I believe we all have in this country. However, I do ask does having the freedom of speech mean that you stop using common sense?

We all know that there are extremists out there who will lay there lives on the line, and many others in an effort to defend their prophet’s honor. It is my belief that Geller took this action to provoke these extremists. Her objective being to show that they exist and will without fail attack an event such as this one.

My view is that we all know this, we are already aware that they are out there. Unfortunately we have been infiltrated by extremists, and much like any other form of guerrilla warfare they have embedded themselves into the general populous. This is a very difficult enemy to fight indeed.

Geller seeks to provoke and bring these guys out, my problem with this is that she is hiding behind, and endangering other lives in the process. It is quite easy to offend some extremists, and hide behind the “freedom of speech” when there are people who will get shot or die for you.

Is she right? Is she wrong? That is entirely up to you decide. I wouldn’t do what she is doing, that’s just not my style. I do not believe in offending other folk’s beliefs. Her objective is clear, though I think she is misguided in her actions.

At the end of the day, my question is, what do you hope to gain from doing things like this? What do you expect to happen? Do you truly believe that we could remove everyone who is a follower of Islam from this country? What exactly do you mean to do? That is my question to you, Pamela Geller?

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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