Dominicans of Haitian descent being deported from DR

I’m not going to come on here and act like I am very familiar with this situation. I only know as much as one could read online and get from the little bits of information that are out there. Naturally the mainstream media is not covering this topic as it doesn’t really affect the United States. For some reason many activists who claim to care about human rights are not talking about this much either. I saw a few posts about this topic earlier, and decided to read this article by Remezcla.

My thoughts on this topic are consistent with the way I would handle a similar situation in the United States. I am all for a secure border here in the U.S, but how can we deport someone who was born here, raised here, and spent their entire lives in this country because their family came in illegally?

That is wrong on so many levels to me.

It sounds like this is exactly what the Dominican government is doing to these people. Allegedly they are rounding up people who are darker skin, and look to be of Haitian descent. Now I’m not sure how much of this is true, and how much is sensationalism, but it sounds like there is some truth to it.

I think it is wrong, and I strongly urge the Dominican government to reconsider what they are doing to these people. If you are deporting people that came in illegally last week, I sort of get that. However, I think it is terribly wrong and inhumane to deport someone who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Like it or not, they are as Dominican as you!

Do the right thing!

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