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Growing Up Bronx

Don Coqui


I came here a few months ago with my little sis, my mom, and my sister’s dad. We brought her here for her birthday. This place is a bit out of the way if you are not driving, and though you can get to it via the Bronx 12 bus, (I believe) it’s not a place that I would frequent. Not because of the food, but the location is just too far for me.

The first thing you notice upon arriving here is the amazing space. You are greeted by views of the water, the space is huge, and looks more like a massive lounge or nightclub, than just a restaurant. I was very impressed with the “look” of the place, and I bet they throw a hell of a party there. Another thing you’ll notice is that many famous people have come here, and they sign pictures, etc.


Our server was quite nice, and somewhat attentive. She took our orders and made sure that we had what we needed. That included a super loud happy birthday song, one which included loud salsa music, and all of the staff coming over and singing. It was hilarious. That was a nice touch by the business.

The food here, wow, what can I say? It was good, not the type of food that floors you, but good. The part that “wow’d” me, was the quantity of food that they give you. Holy moly, the portions are humongous! There were four of us eating dinner, and with a few appetizers, we were already full. The main dishes were simply massive! One of the entrees we had was pork, and this thing was like a giant freaking “pernil.” I mean, it was humongous, way more than any one person could reasonably eat. My sister told me that she ate from that pork for days after we went!

I had a mixed paella, and though I have quite the appetite, I couldn’t eat this whole thing. Just like my little sister, I fed on this dish for a day or two after the event. It was really big. If you are going to this place, make sure you leave space in your stomach for the dishes.

The cost was a bit pricey, but as I mentioned, they give you a lot of food, so you won’t complain. I’d definitely like to return here once more. In fact, I’d love to come out here on a party night and see what they can do. Hahaha. Check it out, it’s pretty cool, definitely for specials occasions.

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Gentlemen, please note, they ask you to remove your hat upon arriving. So for those of you that don’t like to, perhaps this is not the place for you. The bill was about $220 for four of us, so it’s not cheap.

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