Donald Trump grants clemency to black great grandmother!

Y’all know that I give credit where credit is due. Today I read that Alice Johnson, whom Kim Kardashian advocated for was granted clemency by Donald Trump.

It should be noted that though Obama did grant freedom to Oscar Lopez, and many others, Alice Johnson was overlooked by his administration. He dropped the ball here.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump of all people, influenced by Kim Kardashian of all people, were the ones who got her released. I’m extremely surprised, but quite pleased and I tip my hat to those two very unlikely allies in this case.

It is my belief that our prisons are overpopulated by people of color. Stats and life experience indicates that black and latino defendants are treated much more harshly by our justice system than are whites for similar crimes.

Alice Johnson was jailed for distributing cocaine and money laundering in Tennessee, and she received a life sentence. It’s Tennessee, she’s black, what do you expect? Anyway, she was deemed a model prisoner, did all sorts of good during her two decades behind bars, and despite being forgotten by Obama, she didn’t change her ways. She was described as a ray of sunshine, and I believe the picture above captures that light perfectly. She looks like a wonderful woman who is ready to get on with life.

Johnson said that when her son died in a motorcycle accident, along with a divorce, she made some bad decisions to make ends meet. But none of us deserve life in prison for non-violent drug offenses. There are rapists and murderers, actual convicted rapists who get out in 3 months, aka Brock Turner. Yet, if the president didn’t intervene, this woman would die in prison. Does that sound fair to you?

I’m glad that Kim Kardashian lobbied for her release, and I’m glad that Trump actually did it. Wow, I’m impressed. Good job and kudos to both of you. Congratulations to Alice Johnson and her family.

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