Don’t choose the easy way out!

Someone asked me why I make things harder for myself, rather than easier. They cited my playlist in my first Retro Fitness Zumba class yesterday.

“Why not showcase that which you are best at, rather than something you are weak at? Wouldn’t you have a better chance of success?”

Yes, I agree 100% with that statement. If I chose a playlist where I knew every song, and felt completely comfortable, the class would have gone much smoother. I will admit that I had a bit of a hard time in this one. But, this was because I chose it that way.

Why? Well, because I’m trying to grow, I’m trying to expand well out of my comfort zone. Teaching Zumba, takes me out of my comfort zone. Teaching in front of a new group takes me out of my comfort zone. Choosing a playlist that I only started learning a few days ago, takes me waayyyy out of my comfort zone.

All of these things put massive amounts of pressure on me, they challenge me to face my fears, they force me to either sink or swim! I have no choice but to go out there and do it! I will either rise to the occasion, or fold like a coward. Even if I fail, or things don’t go perfectly, at the end of it all I will come out stronger and better for it.

Yes, it would have been safer, and probably even smarter of me to go with the songs that I know very well, but where is the personal challenge in that? Victory and success doesn’t mean as much to me if I take the easy way out. It means more to me when I have to overcome adversity, fear, focus, and still come out on top.

Yesterday was not my best Zumba class, I even had two people leave! But, I stayed focus and I completed it! I didn’t give up, and I found my way to the shore. At the end of class, most people came over to thank me and say that it was a great class. The ones who left, well, maybe my style is not for them, and that’s fine.

I survived, and next time, I’ll do even better. I’m all about growth, and you can’t grow absent challenge and stimulation. And that’s why I don’t choose the easy way out, despite it being the safer path.

Go hard or go home!

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