I don’t work at Modells!

I don’t work at Modells, but don’t tell her that! Some months ago I was at Modells picking up some gym gear. This woman approached me and she started asking me very specific questions about some products. I answered her as best I could, you know, trying to help out a fellow citizen who was shopping for her husband’s gear.
Thing is that I didn’t know the answers to many of her specific questions. I only had answers and concepts based on my personal experience and views. After sometime she said “You are not very helpful or knowledgeable about Modells products. I have another question, how is it that you work here? Who’s your supervisor?” 

Now I decided that it was time to push this thing. See, here I was trying to help her pick out some clothes for her man, and she’s giving me an attitude and trying to get me in trouble with my non-existent supervisor. I replied that I didn’t know who was the supervising manager on shift. She said that I wasn’t getting off that easy, and that she’d wait until she could find the supervisor. She then complained that this company was terrible for hiring someone like me.

Again, I smiled, and I said I couldn’t answer her questions, and I couldn’t introduce her to my manager. After a few minutes an employee came over and asked if we needed help. The lady said yes, that she wanted to speak to a supervisor. She said your coworker doesn’t know where I can find anything, and I want to report him. The employee said, I don’t know about that mam, since this man doesn’t work here.

The lady went pale with embarrassment. Again, I smiled and I said, “You never asked me if I worked here, you just asked me questions, and I tried to be helpful. I hope we learned something today about human interactions?” I then took my items and walked away to pay. The look on her face was epic. She was so looking forward to sticking it to me, but realizing that she had made a fool of herself, now that was classic and worth the few minutes I invested in this prank.

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