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Legal gun owners are experiencing one of the most difficult periods in our history. With the gun debate in full swing, will states like NY and NJ continue to squeeze the noose around the necks of legal gun owners? Check out the gun seizures due to Cuomo’s SAFE act in NY. It is spreading and we have to fight for our rights. 

What follows are a series of videos that show police officers harassing legal gun owners for exercising their 2nd amendment right. On the first video below you see a young man taking a walk in his Charlotte, North Carolina neighborhood. John Schultz stated that during these walks he picks up trash from the streets, but he’s cleaning up the streets in more ways than one. See, this young man takes his walks carrying a knife, wearing a bulletproof vest, and also carrying his granddaddy’s old World War II rifle. Schultz has stated that on more than one occasion he has seen potential burglars looking into neighbor’s houses; when they spot him they make haste to wherever it is that they came from.

Buh bye, now.

News Report on John Schultz.

The sentiment among his neighbors is mostly positive. Schultz stated that many people have thanked him for literally cleaning up the streets and patrolling the neighborhood. With the good there always comes the bad. One neighbor states, “He can clean up the streets, but he doesn’t need a rifle, he needs a trash bag”. I found that statement rather humorous, and though I do agree that a trash bag would be helpful, I’d say keeping the rifle is not a bad touch.

In a post written here on Clashdaily we recently spoke about how Texas police detained a man simply for carrying his firearm on a hike with his son. I shared this video with one of my pro-gun, law enforcement buddies, Sam Del Rosario. Sam is the co-author of a book entitled Before You Date Him, Investigate Him.

Sam is an officer and travels around the globe training other officers on internet crimes. He also served a tour in Iraq as a military police officer. This man is highly sought out and knows his stuff. Shameless plug? Sort of, but this information is relevant to give a certain credibility to his statements. After watching the video, here is what Sam stated:

Can you tell the difference between an automatic rifle and a semi-automatic by looking at it? I doubt it. The difference between an M4 rifle and an AR-15 is the fire selector, which cannot be viewed from a distance. There is a segment of this video that is conveniently missing which is the initial encounter. We (you and I) do not know what this guy did or said to cause this officer to detain him. We only have his version of events which may or may not be accurate. Regardless, based on his demeanor I would have probably detained him as well. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. It appears he was looking for a confrontation with police and conveniently had a camera to record it.

A good way to handle this type of incident is demonstrated by this video. Watch how both individuals act.

I shared this reply with a few individuals that know more about this topic than I do, and to a person they all insist that Sam and those officers are wrong.

I am not a lawyer, but my point is that there is what we civilians believe, and what the law tell these gentlemen behind the badge to do. Look at NYC, we can’t even carry our firearms at all in this liberal stronghold. That is unless you meet some really difficult requirements. All guns are registered, and the controls in place here are beyond ridiculous. It took me over one year to get my handgun permit. One could argue that our constitutional rights here in NYC are consistently being violated. Yet, what choice do we have as NYC residents but to obey the laws that are in place here?

In this video, you see a Portland gentleman being detained by police officers because someone placed a call stating that a man was walking around with a firearm visible.

This guy was well versed in the law and made references to the same information Sam did above, Terry v Ohio, which states that you cannot detain an individual if you do not have reasonable suspicion or probable cause that a crime will be, is currently, or has been committed.

Once the officer admitted that he stopped him because someone called in saying that he was displaying a gun in public, the young man refers him to Deberry v US, another law which states that you cannot lawfully stop or detain an individual if the sole reason for the stop is legally displaying a firearm. This young man was prepared and once the supervisor arrived he was immediately released with his firearms.

Of all the videos that I have watched, no one has made a clearer point about what gun control is for than this man has as he spoke of Cuba and the rise of Communism. For those of you thinking “That can’t happen here”, think again friends. The videos I have shared above show that it is already happening here.

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