Dr. George Liu First Impressions

So I went there with my wife. Her appointment was for 10pm, on a Sunday, and we both thought that was a bit suspect. So I went with her to make sure that she didn’t end up in a dumpster somewhere in Queens.

The lady at the reception area, Lisa, was very nice. Things were moving along nicely, but after sitting around for some time it seemed that things were a bit unruly there.

Instead of going to an emergency room, or a trauma type center, it sounds to me like people with some pretty serious medical issues come here. What happens then is that they get bumped in front of everyone else who was there with an appointment, and you can end up waiting a very long time. From what I’ve heard so far, one guy was waiting for up to five hours.

Here is what I’ve learned when it comes to doctors, appointments are a ball park figure. More often than not, you end up waiting for awhile. My wife went in relatively quickly, within an hour or so. We gave ourselves until 11pm as the point to leave, but she was called in right around 11pm as we were saying our goodbyes to Lisa.

Basically, in regards to time, make sure you have plenty of flexibility if you are coming to this place. You could end up waiting around for awhile. The office seems a bit old and dated, not the “cleanest” in terms of appearance. But it seems to work for the older Asian folks. I think the doctor is 90 years old or something. Considering how good he looked, that is extremely impressive by the way.

I don’t think my wife was feeling this place too much, she had a few concerns about cleanliness, hygiene, the nurse not wearing gloves while dealing with her blood work, etc. But like I said, he seems to have a large following of older Asian people. Odds are they have been with him for decades, and I wish them all, including the doctor, continued success. I just don’t think it is for us.

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