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So full disclosure, this is not a review of Dr Rosenberg’s actual work or services. It’s just my first impressions based on some brief interactions online and on the phone.

First and foremost, I came across Dr. Rosenberg on Instagram. He kept showing up on ads so I decided to click and take a look. His feed and the work he is doing is really interesting. He was very responsive on twitter and once I filled out the form on his website we connected for a chat.

He uses 3 techniques that not many chiropractors are licensed to do. I’m not gonna lie, I can’t remember the names, but one of them was a hands on technique, a graston technique and something else I don’t recall. One thing I do remember is that he said he doesn’t just “crack backs.”

Dr Rosenberg mentioned that he’s worked with some top level athletes and many other elites in his practice. In any case, it all sounds pretty interesting and potentially helpful. The hard stop for me is that he currently only accepts a limited amount of insurance and stated that he was pulling away from accepting insurance altogether.

That’s a problem for those of us who don’t have elite athlete level pockets. During our conversation I stated “I’m a regular dude, I’m not Khabib or royalty!” He replied “I’m a regular guy too.” I’m sure he is a regular dude, but his clients must have deeper pockets cause my poor butt can’t afford it.

With all the regulations these days, especially in the chiropractic space I assume its too much of a hassle to deal with insurance. Also, if you have elite clientele, I don’t blame you for not wanting to deal with the insurance crap. Why bother when your clients can pay themselves? Unfortunately it prices out guys like me who don’t have the financial means to cover the full cost. But that’s just the way it is in this world anyway. If you have money you have access to the best the world has to offer. If you don’t, well good luck with those online CARS mobility drills.

If you recall I had visited this other clinic called Orthopedic Movement about a year ago who also did not take insurance. I paid the $250 once to see what they were about, but I could not pay that amount every visit. Hell, paying $40 per visit for physical therapy adds up if you are going 3 times a week. Imagine $500 down and then $250 per visit. I can’t do it.

Of course, none of these practices can guarantee a 100% chance of success, so there is no certainty that you aren’t just burning your hard earned money anyway. Besides, if they guaranteed it 100%, unless they backed it up with a full money back guarantee, I’d be suspicious of them anyway.

Based on our brief interactions I’ll say Dr Rosenberg didn’t try to hard sell or pressure me. I’ll conclude by saying if money wasn’t a barrier I’d definitely give this chiro a try. If you have the financial means and need some help with recovery, this spot might be worth a try. I can’t speak to his work, but I’d definitely be willing to try it. I just need to dig around and find the yet to be established poor man’s version of Dr Rosenberg. If you have gone or do go, I’d love to hear about your experience, please let us know in the comments!


    • Honestly, I don’t recall, but it was absurd for out of pocket. I keep seeing the number $500 in my head, but I don’t recall if it was for the intro, then $300 per, or something like that. I’m sorry, it was a quick phone call so I can’t recall.

      However, I usually pay $30 a visit, so whether its $300 or $500, that is ridiculous. Am I right?

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