Dream: Surviving In A Post Apocalyptic World

When I watch shows like The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, or any show that takes place in a post apocalyptic world, I can never understand the people who chose to live the old way. There are always a few who refuse to adapt and accept that they are now in a lawless world, right and wrong no longer matter, there is no “real law” per se, you are the law.

When I talk to people about these things, they tell me that I wouldn’t do the things I say I would. However, if my dreams are any indicator of who I would become in that world, then they are dead wrong!

I lived in a world that was falling apart. Buildings were collapsing, thieves and criminals ruled, and everything was up for grabs. Somehow, I ran a ship, and it was a safe haven of sorts. There was a person on board who was conspiring against me, and had managed to infiltrate my ship. As soon as I realized what was happening, and once I confirmed the perp, I prepared to take action. Some of my security team mentioned the details, and they suggested that I speak with the traitor. Well, they were correct on one count, I would be speaking with the traitor, once, and once only. I approached him quietly, I walked up to him as though all was good, and then I proceeded to put ten holes in his stomach and chest with an icepick.

As soon as he went down, his henchmen began their attack. I took cover, and with my crew, we assassinated them all, then threw them overboard for the entire ship to see. I took care of my flock, I was good to them. But one thing I would not tolerate was a mutiny. We ran a good ship, fair, free, but it was my ship, and if you tried to take it from me, in this world, you were killed. There was no exile, no talking or reasoning, and absolutely no second chances! Treason was met with swift and deadly justice. I know what happens when you give people a chance, let them leave or regroup, and it usually ends up with you dead, or you have to kill them later on while sustaining injury, loss of other life, and damage to your property. So I say, where’s the chase, and what’s the easiest way to cut to it.

After I destroyed the internal opposition, the external forces they worked with began their attack. However, my ship and crew was ready, and the people they were counting on were all shark fodder now. Even so, we were outnumbered and out shipped, the enemy was a former military general with a carrier, battleship, and the capabilities to destroy us easily. However, we fought back, we resisted, and we dealt them some heavy blows in combat. The general realized that we would not be captured or victimized, he admired our courage and called off his attack.

He gave me and my crew respect and acknowledged our heart and capabilities. He then said that he would grant us passage through his water space. He opted in making us an ally of sorts, rather than conquering us and making us subordinates or prisoners. He made a strategic choice to let us live. He knew that eventually he would win in combat, but he didn’t want to see us dead. He rather enjoyed our tenacity. I knew that we could not beat him, and in this case, I had to eat the humble pie and accept that our fate was sealed by his hand. However, accepting fate, and giving up are two different things. We’d die fighting before giving up. We both did what we felt was right.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you survive in a post apocalyptic world. The Governor, Neegan, Terminus, all those people are kind of bad. But when it comes down to it, be a Neegan, don’t be a Morgan. By the way, in the real world, Rick and his crew would be long dead. Those “miraculous saves,” that’s for tv. The bad guys would have won in the real world. Sorry.

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