Duggar And Jared Sexual Predators

Today we start our show with shout outs to our Top 3 listener Regions this week! Big shout outs to our friends in Sacramento, Atlanta, and Washington D.C for being our most populated listener regions!

We take issue with the NY Post for depicting Puerto Ricans as lazy, fat, and deadbeat people who won’t pay their debts. Admit it or not, like it or not, the U.S and U.S based corporations have played a major role in Puerto Rico’s financial situation. The nation didn’t ask to be invaded, or liberated as the U.S would have us believe. There wasn’t much choice here, and there hasn’t been much choice or say in the economic direction the land has gone. Spare me your pathetic, insulting cartoons. Anyone who is familiar with history knows that you are full of the caca.


The Duggars are once again making headlines. Josh Duggar blames Satan for his addiction to porn, and he wants his wife to forgive him for having an affair using the Ashley Madison website. If you remember, he was recently in the news because the story came out about him touching minors in an inappropriate fashion. Meanwhile his parents were allegedly in talks with TLC for a show where they would help and counsel victims of sexual abuse! SAY WHAT? You read that right folks! Someone asked me why I target these guys? The answer is simple, hypocrisy. They are all hypocrites. You’ll recall that they blame the LGBT community for destroying the moral fabric of society, yet look at how they are living! His wife’s brother, Daniel Keller, has also slammed Josh. He says that Josh didn’t confess to cheating, he was caught! There is a big difference!

Jared Fogle is a special type of beast. I’d like to smack the crap out of this pedophile trash. At least he will be spending 5 to 12 years behind bars! Even if it is at a cushy, protective custody cell. We speak about his crimes and pedophilia. Further we question if NY Times OpEd author Margo Kaplan is on to something with her piece on how we should handle pedophiles BEFORE they commit a crime!

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