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Growing Up Bronx

El Gran Valle Iii Restaurant


I was visiting my mom in the Bronx. When I arrived I queried the family to see if they had any grub at home, the answer was no. So, I started to walk down the block looking for this burger joint I used to frequent as a teenager. Well, I arrived at the location, and it was gone. The spot is now a barbershop or something. Bummer, I really liked their burgers, but you know what? Come to think of it, it has been a few decades since I went there. Hah!

So, I continued to walk down in the general direction towards Webster avenue, and when I hit Morris, I saw this spot. It looked like the food was ready to go, and I could get in and out relatively quickly to get going to my mom’s place. So I crossed the street, went in, and started to check out the food items.

“Hola, mi amor,” she said to me as I entered. Ah, I love how we latinos greet one another, “Welcome, my love.” The staff was extremely friendly and waited to eagerly take my order.

I decided to have some beef stew (carne guisa) with some rice and peas. Hmmm. Spanish food! They load up that plate with food, these guys are not cheap at all. For $10 I got this massive plate of food and a drink! It’s even cheaper if you get a canned soda with the lunch special, but I grabbed a snapple.

Valle Bronx

This food isn’t gourmet spanish food, but it’s pretty good. For the price of the meal,  and the quantity that they provide, you can’t go wrong. This was real beef stew by the way, today I had some beef stew from “Tu Casa,” a local spot here in Queens, and that was not real beef stew. Those fools just took some grilled steak and put sauce over it. No bueno, and it cost me three times as much, mind you!

You can sit in at the restaurant if you like, but it is already prepared food sitting in pots and stuff. That being said, it is still pretty good, better than “Tu Casa,” that’s for sure. If you are in the area, hungry and need something fast, give them a go.

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