Soccer greats playing on Emirates!

To Americans, football used to refer to only one sport, and it involved touchdowns! However, lately, that is not the case. With an influx of people coming over here from Europe, Asia, and the other Americas, the other football (known to us as soccer) has been soaring in popularity.

FIFA video games fly off the shelves. Bars and lounges tune in to the FIFA World Cup and major games on large television sets! Football no longer refers simply to a sport involving touchdowns in America. Now, when someone asks, “Do you watch football?” the distinction has to be made between the two sports.

Personally, I can watch either one, but as a life-long New Yorker, we played the touchdown football on my block in the South Bronx. However, I embrace change and evolve with the ever-changing world.

Just like we have our Michael Jordan, and Joe Namath, the football world has their own amazing players and stars! Our friends over at Emirates bring us a funny video that features two of the greats!

Let me ask you a question have you ever had one of those moments when you were certain that someone was talking about? Only to discover shortly thereafter that they were not actually talking about you? I call that an “oops” moment, because more often than not you will end up saying “oops” when it happens.

So let me ask you a question, what would you do at that point? Can you just chuckle and laugh it off, or would you be embarrassed and hang your head in shame? I know what I do, I simply play it off and make a big joke about it. It has happened to me before on several occasions, and I waved it off as a funny moment.

“Oh, hi! I thought you meant to give me a hug, not the guy standing behind me.”

Let’s see what football greats Cristiano Ronaldo and Pelé do when they go through this on an  Emirates flight!

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