Emotional woman asking for cash on the subway

I was on the way to visit mama bear on the two train. This woman came aboard pleading with us that she was in a bad spot. She said the government couldn’t give her emergency food stamps until Wednesday, and that she was hungry today. She was begging and pleading that she had no food at home and just needed to eat something.

She tugged at my heartstrings and I really wanted to help her. However, I didn’t know how much money I had in my wallet and I didn’t feel comfortable pulling it out and fussing around in there on a public train with so many eyes watching me.

There are scenarios where a good gesture gets you into trouble out there. Having grown up in the streets, I still have my street smarts about me. One thing you don’t do is flash money, even if it’s a little bit or inadvertently. So I resisted the urge to dig in my wallet to help her. I saw a few people give her some money so I hope she got enough to eat.

I’m sorry I didn’t move to help you on this day, lady.

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