Episode 11 – Living with HIV with Joba

Sometimes life is not fair. We have all heard of the terrible stories where a 3 year old baby catches a bullet that was meant for the gang banger next to them. Or the 15 year old hero who died while jumping in front of 3 girls to save them from being hit by a hail of bullets.

Things like this have never, ever made sense to me. In fact, they infuriate me. They show me what kind of messed up world we live in.

This brings me to today’s podcast guest. My guest is a young man whom I met on the Blab platform a few years ago. We have since then become friends. He was gracious and brave enough to join me on the podcast where we discussed how it really is living with HIV.

During our conversation we get to know Joba, his fears and some of the challenges that he has encountered throughout his life. I opened this post up by writing “Sometimes life is not fair.” Joba was born with HIV, through no fault of his own he was born with a virus that many people fear. However, once you meet and listen to this young fella, I’m sure you will agree that he has risen to the occasion!

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