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Episode 29 – Designing for JLo, Alicia Keys, Lizzo from Boots to hoops with Seville Michelle

Like people, earrings and all sorts of fashion products come in all shapes and sizes! On this episode I am joined by fashion designer to the stars as well as people like you and and me, Seville Michelle. Speaking with Seville was a great pleasure, it was just like talking to one of my homegirls from the block. We spoke about plastic covered sofas, I mean, come on man!

Seville’s earrings have been worn by J-Lo, Lizzo, Natty, Alicia Keys and many more. But they’ve also being gifted to a mom who was trying to “get her money up to buy them.” Seville wants her products to be dope and worn by stars, but affordable and accessible to all of us. She’s a dope human being!

Seville is one of a kind and I really enjoyed talking to her. It’s a NYC hood thing, if you know, you know! Check out our candid conversation where she tells us about her life, her amazing products, and even get to meet the mean iphone fix it guy! Check out her website at Seville Michelle.

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