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Episode 57 – NYC Mayoral Race

Next month we will be holding the NYC Mayoral election. The two top candidates are Eric Adams as the Democrat and Curtis Sliwa as the Republican. Now you would think that by default Eric Adams is going to be our Mayor, I’m sure that’s what everyone is thinking. But to this I say, think back to the 2016 Presidential election. It was then too assumed that Hillary Clinton was going to be our next and first female president. However, despite everyone’s beliefs and much to our disappointment, America had other plans.

My message to Eric Adams is that he is not like Hillary Clinton in that capacity. Don’t assume you’ve won, don’t assume we are going to vote for you by default. I’ve invited both Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa on the podcast, neither has responded or even acknowledged my existence. I did meet Eric in my building once so I thought he might get with your boy, but nah, it ain’t happening. In any case, listen here to the latest episode of NYCTalking to get my not so educated thoughts on this campaign and how it could work out badly for him if Adams take it for granted that he’s won.

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