Episode 6 – Let’s talk about sex with Justine Llanes and Elena DeLuca

We are joined by a standup comedienne and a professional dominatrix. Listen in as they share their old show experiences, sex tips and tease the shy vanilla host. 

When these folks expressed interest in doing a feature on NYCTalking, I had no idea what I was walking into. In fact, I still don’t know what I walked into.

Being unfamiliar with the ladies I did what any self respecting writer would do in this day and age, I googled them. I visited each of their links and familiarized myself with them.

Truth be told, once I confirmed that these were all real people and that it was highly unlikely that I’d wake up missing a kidney or something, I knew that I was interested in talking to these ladies. Any further research was simply to check out exactly how they interacted, and to be frank with you I wanted to see how hot the girls were.

When the time finally came and I met the ladies, I was initially intimidated and uncomfortable. However by the end of the recording I felt relaxed and comfortable talking with them.

Without taking away from their own style, and their own methods, if someone asked me “Angel what was it like talking to them?” The most popular name that I know that could possibly be used as a reference would have to be Howard Stern. I am sure that their producer and the hosts would all acknowledge that Howard Stern definitely pioneered this genre of talk radio.

On first glance the producer struck me as a quiet, rather reserved gentleman. He was soft spoken and gives off a very mellow vibe. Aren’t these the exact qualifications for someone that produces an adult themed show? When I asked him if he wanted to be on video he said “Nobody wants to see me, film them”. I will say that despite the mellow appearance the man is sharp, observant, concise and clear on what his vision is. He noticed and expressed his view on some details and items that I barely even noticed.

The ladies, now that’s a completely different story. These women are each outspoken power houses in their own rights. Following is a little background on the ladies:

“The show is hosted by three females– stand-up comic, Justine Llanes (which has also joined NYCTalking with a dating and sex advice segment), actress, Tamara Thelander and professional dominatrix, Elena De Luca.”

Unfortunately Tamara was unable to attend the interview, but we spoke on twitter and she was with us in spirit. I look forward to meeting her in the not so distant future. The two ladies that I did get to meet, Justine and Elena were exactly what I expected, 2 lively, spunky, funny and sexy women. Both of them were vibrant and ready to go!

After some brief introductions, discussing where to sit, and providing some idea as to where to go during our talk I took out my camera. In fact I wanted to catch them in their natural state so I started recording earlier and didn’t say anything. #Creepermode 10!

So none of us really had a plan, I sure as hell didn’t, we just went with it and it worked out great. We spoke about the show, about what each of them did and how they contributed to the project, among many other things.

Elena is a professional dominatrix, which is basically what you think it is. Slaves, whips, and all that good stuff. I checked out her site before meeting her, it’s definitely dominatrixy (is that a word?). This aspect of her life isn’t apparent in regular conversation though, I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing? Considering that this is her livelihood, I think it’s a good thing, it is only logical that she doesn’t just give away her dominatrix skills for free. I confess that I was a little nervous about meeting a dominatrix in real life, they are a bit scary in porn. (Wait, I don’t watch porn, what am I saying). Hah! whip sound

Justine is a standup comic, and that does come across in speaking to her. In fact both Justine and Elena are hilarious in their own ways. During our interview we discussed a segment from the radio show where Justine shared an intimate encounter with an asian guy and her walk of shame out of his place after words. There is a lot more to Justine though, she’s been all over, from acting to pageants and now talk radio.

Midway through random discussions and laughter we somehow entered the topic of how to successfully gain back door admission from your partner. The ladies had two very differing views on this topic. We discussed beginning with finger insertion, Elena favors discussion before hand or she’ll introduce you to some pliers that she keeps just for such occasions. “Even if I want it there are like 10 minutes of warmup that need to happen before we begin”. Justine on the other hand feels that discussion kills the moment and prefers that you just go for it, “If I don’t jump away and squeal, then I like it, just go for it”. So you have a 50/50 chance here. She may be down, or you may lose the finger. Attempt at your own risk.

We spoke a good deal, I’d say we spent close to an hour of chatting. I received an invitation to visit the show with my wife, an invitation my wife promptly refused. Hah. She’s very shy and reserved about anything sex related. However we have introduced a “sex advice” column for NYCTalking, at this time Justine is writing these for us. Great articles by the way.

An honorable mention goes out to the silent friend which patiently sat and watched all the madness between me and the hosts.

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