Episode 7 – Latino Identity, Gentrification and equality with Will Collazo

On this episode of Not Just NYCTalking I am joined by federal officer, movie producer and MMA fighter Will Collazo. We will talk about white privilege, transgender porn, our latino identity and much more.

Gentrification has been a problem in our communities for as long as I can remember. Don’t believe, take a ride down to the Bronx and look around. We get to talking about Williamsburg and the hipsters who are trying to take over and rename our historic streets.

We get into some of the Puerto Rican leaders and how the United States has silenced them over the decades. We briefly touch on Pedro Albizu Campos and Oscar Lopez.

Next up we tackle our Latino identity as light privileged Puerto Ricans. This topic is heavy and could be an entire podcast of its own. I explain to Will how going to Capicu events has helped me reconnect with my culture.

Next up we enter the LGBT space as I share with Will how I have watched transgender porn. I share how I was called a “f*g” while walking my little puppy. Our LGBT brothers and sisters encounter many challenges, we should seek to enlighten and expand these small minds that are filled with hate.

During the segment we spent a little time talking about a man who beat a rapist to death with his hands. This leads us down the dark path of how to deal with pedophiles. I tend to measure my words there, but anyone who hurts a child deserves to be punished in the worst of ways!

An idiot from the gym told me, “Women are inferior to men, the bible says so.” So I ask Will a very simple question, with a very simple answer, “Are women equal to men?” He answered correctly. Lol.

Finally as we close out this super long episode, we talk about how it was filming “Theatre of horror.”

This was a great chat with a good friend. He’ll be back on soon!

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