Episode 92 – Zumba Presenter with Giovanna

Her cute looks got me into the class, her exceptional skills and great playlist kept me in the class.

Meet the lovely Giovanna Amvrosiatos. Giovanna is currently a Zumba Presenter most recently seen on ZIN volume 103.

For those of you who don’t know, that’s where most instructors around the globe get their choreography from. In the Zumba world, it’s kind of a really, really, big deal. Having met Giovanna years ago, it makes me very happy to see her rise up the Zumba ranks and become a full blown Zumba presenter. Thousands and thousands of people are learning from and using her original choreo! Dude, that’s crazy!

If you are a Zumba instructor, aside from owning the company like Beto, this is as huge as you can get, and our local Kew Gardens instructor made it there! That’s just amazing. Get to know Giovanna and listen to her amazing story here!

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