Equinox corporate Gym membership price hikes! Uh oh!

Equinox corporate gym members can expect to pay a bit more to stay fit. Equinox corporate membership dues are going up September 1st, 2012. We received this information via an email from the corporate account executive.

Whether you are a new or existing corporate member, look to paying an additional cost to train at Equinox gyms. At about $110 a month for the corporate membership, Equinox is definitely one of the pricier gyms in NYC.

That being said, it is a very different experience than the other gyms I have worked out at. Sometimes you have to shell out some extra cash for that white glove experience so to speak.

Whether it is worth it or not, the choice is yours.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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Average NYC Girl
Average NYC Girl

Good luck with your local NYSC branch. I’ve been going to the NYSC at 51/Lex and it’s just not a nice place to be at. It feels like a jail yard. For the few months I’ve been going, I’ve never seen more than 3 women at a time (I’m one of them). It’s just a bunch of ghetto guys. Some of them take over entire areas so even if the gym is not full you may feel intimidated to use some of the equipment. Some others will just keep staring at you and may even “inadvertently” rub against you. I… Read more »

Angel Rodriguez

I actually quit NYSC. Wrote a review about bloody shower stalls. Disgusting.


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