Escape from death block 13

Recently I came across a clip on tiktok featuring a man who very much looked like Charles Bronson. I didn’t recall Bronson making any prison movies, so I had to look this up. Turns out this is a lookalike who goes by the name Robert Bronzi. I found the movie and finally finished watching it. I started once before and just couldn’t do it. LOL.

To say that this is a disaster, would be an insult to any disasters out there. The movie was something that my friends and I could have made. The graphics are hilarious, the acting was horrific and the plot was laughable.

Its about a prison which is being used as a drug trafficking ring by a corrupt warden and COs. Why does that theme sound familiar to me? Bronzi is tasked with exposing it. From there, the hilarity only gets worse and worse. The whole thing is so unrealistic its funny.

All that being said, despite the horrific aspects of the movie, I rather enjoyed it and I will be looking up to see what else Bronzi has done. I have to tell you, all things considered, I think I’m a fan.

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