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Even The Rich Get Towed!

In England, a Saudi registered vehicle apparently broke some parking laws and these dude’s didn’t hesitate in towing the car away. The car is a very, very expensive vehicle, and the fines are probably a drop in the bucket for the owners, but the hassle is still there, and the car can be damaged.

The commentary that I read from the sites where I researched this story were as expected, heavily racist and with anti-Arab undertones. The thing is that it doesn’t matter if they come from Saudi Arabia, or some other country, the wealthy generally assume that the rules don’t apply to them. So if you hate this man’s possible arrogance, I hope you feel the same way about your own people who behave the same way. Just saying!

I don’t know the circumstances of this, whether he made a mistake, or simply didn’t think his nice car was going to get jacked, but I assume that he will be a bit more careful next time.

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