Evil Series Review

I started this series a bit late, about 3 episodes in. My wife was watching it and I just wanted to watch for a few minutes. Those few minutes turned into 12 more episodes.

I think it’s an interesting series, but I’m not sure how much of it is crime and how much is actual supernatural stuff. They haven’t given us enough detail for that yet. In fact, there appears to be a bit of both, though much still remains unclear.

The show follows David Acosta and his two assistants, Kristen and Ben, as they investigate supernatural reports to determine if an exorcism is necessary. Kristen is a psychologist, and she tries to determine if there is a mental health/medical situation while Ben is in charge of anything technical that may be involved. They all work for the church are overseen by priests. Each episode generally deals with a new “case” of sorts.

There are quite a few things I enjoy about the show, but some parts really irritate the hell out of me too. I think there were injuries and deaths that could have been avoided if these people chose violence once in a while. You can’t hug or pray the evil out of some people. Sometimes you gotta break some bones!

They left us on a really messed up cliffhanger with lots of questions and that also really pissed me off. This is one of the reasons that I don’t like to start new series. I hate having to wait for years and being left hanging like this. I prefer a series or a movie that has some sort of conclusion and gets to the point. Not three seasons of fighting the same villain before we get some closure.

Anyway, I watched it and here we are. It’s a good show, but yeah, they gonna leave you hanging.

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