Dealing with excessive sweating at the gym


In this post I’ll provide my tips for dealing with excessive sweating at the gym.

I train hard, and I train often. Part of training, is sweating, and ladies and gentlemen, I sweat a lot! A lot! I sweat so much, that it not only affects me in cardio classes, it affects those around me.

I have to constantly wipe my sweat off the floor, and watch out for slipping. A few weeks ago, I had to catch this one woman who was dancing zumba a little to close to me. She slipped, and luckily I caught her.

At first I used paper towels to wipe up the sweat, but this was not an effective method. I have since then moved on to towels, and though better, this is also not very effective.

I’ve tried many things as a solution, wearing more clothes to absorb the sweat. Wearing less clothes in hopes of keeping cool and sweating less. And none of them have worked. However, I think I have found the perfect formula.

In this case a pair of long sweat pants caught most of the sweat as it runs down, and I think that is the true culprit. My entire body sweats during a workout, and it goes right pass my shorts. So the pants, as they are longer continue to absorb the sweat as it runs down. Thicker ones worked better, and this is my solution. It did not entirely eliminate my sweating problem, but today I spent a hell of a lot less time mopping up my slippery safety hazard sweat from the floor.

During the classes where I tend to jump around more, I’ll need to wear long sweat pants, and a more absorbent shirt. I can’t layer up too much on the top, otherwise I sweat even more. But long sleeve under armour rash guards, and a tee shirt seem to do the trick.

Hopefully this helps some of you out there who sweat as profusely as I do during training.

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