Excessive sweating in kickboxing class

A few weeks ago I realized that I was sweating more profusely than I usually do while in kickboxing class. And mind you, I usually sweat a lot as it is. The area where I was training by had a puddle, my clothes were completely soaked and the locker room area where I was changing into my gi was soaked! 

When I got home I started researching articles on what a person can do to address excessive sweating and guess what I found? I came across an article that I myself had written for the Huffington post some years ago. I decided to reread my work and it all clicked in my head. 

Why would I treat a martial arts based kickboxing class any differently than a Zumba, HIIT, or strength class? The only difference here is that we are barefoot. Besides that, all the things that apply in those classes to address sweating all over the floor can be applied there.

I also made another observation. The thicker rash guards that I wear for bjj classes cannot be worn when I take kickboxing classes. Those rash guards are super thick and act almost like a damn sweat suit to me. They are fitted, thick and hot as heck. So it makes absolute sense that I was sweating way more than usual those two days. I was after all, wearing a sweat suit.

So after that rediscovery, I didn’t wear tiny shorts but instead I put on a pair of sweat pants. In addition to that I wore a long sleeve underarmour shirt along with another tank top. I didn’t sweat as much from the top and though I was still sweating, it sure wasn’t sauna suit level. The sweat pants did a significantly better job at absorbing sweat than those damn shorts I wore before.

Googling for an answer, I found an answer that I myself had written. I resolved the issue and didn’t leave as much of a sweat trail today. I also brought a few little towels to dry off my top before going into bjj class. I was still sweating, but it was much better. Now if only it was as easy to find a solution to this back and neck pain, I’d be very happy!