F train derailed.

So my mom just called me, panicking to see how I was. She had just been informed about the F train derailment in Queens. This was news to me as I have been busy today and haven’t read any of my news feeds. I assured her that everything was fine, and had a quick read of the news story.

Thankfully only minor injuries were reported. I’m glad that I found out now, because I can take the J or Z train to get me home. It will require a bit more walking, but that’s ok. In fact, by the time I go home after the gym, things may be back to normal. This is New York City after all, and a little train derailment isn’t going to keep us down for long.

Stay safe out there my friends, and plan your home commute accordingly. As it stands, there are no trains to Queens on the F, E, M, R lines.

The F train is always up to something isn’t it? Remember that video I submitted to Gothamist.com about the man they pulled out from the tracks. Oh, F train! You cray cray!

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