Facebook events becoming spam?

If you are anything like me, you believe highly in supporting your friends and family when they are having events, performances, or where ever they want you involved. Facebook has a cool feature where you can invite friends of yours to attend these gatherings called “Facebook Events”. People use it for things ranging from weddings to online chat events.

The problem with this is that everyone wants their events to be attended and for them to do well. Now being invited to events is not the problem, the problem is that everyone invites everyone to their events. The logic there is “the more people I invite, the more likely ANY people are to actually show up”. It’s more the law of numbers and not so much, “Well, I really like this person and I’d love them to show up to my event”. Sadly this great tool, “Facebook events” has become another form of impersonal spam.

So what is one to do with this massive amount of events? Especially when most  are not even relevant to our interests? How do we filter out the ones we are interested in and ignore the others? Friends flood everyone on their friends list with event invitations, and so on and on it goes. So what happens when you are flooded with events? Literally 100 at any point in time? A direct result of that is that you become overloaded and it becomes difficult to manage and keep up with events. So eventually you get annoyed, the tool becomes tedious and you stop using the tool. Boom just like that another product with great potential begins the slow decline into obscurity.

These days if I want to find a specific event I have to swim through  so many more events to find the ONE that I am interested in. I’d like Facebook to implement better controls for events. What I have started to do is to download all my Facebook events to my calendar. This way when planning something I’ll be aware if I have something in the calendar. However I’d love to be able to download only events that I said “yes” and possibly “maybe” too. If I ignore or do not reply to an event, it should not make it to my phone. At this time they all do.
I’m curious, how do you feel about events on Facebook? Do you agree with my view, and how do you manage and stay on top of it?

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